1- Nguồn Gốc Vũ Trụ

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1- Nguồn Gốc Vũ Trụ

                                               1- THE ORIGINAL OF THE UNIVERSE.   
          In the past, our forefathers thought that God only created the earth with the sun, moon and tiny stars attached to the dome of the sky and God was worshipped with all their hearts, with all their strengths, with all their souls. Now thanks to science has discorvered an infinite vast universe of hundreds of billions of galaxies, and the miraculous arrangements in the creation of all things that we recognize God's Glory, unfortunately many look at the vastness of the universe without believing that God has the power to do such a great work. Others believe in their knowledge think they have searched everywhere without seeing God!   
         Christians believe God is the creator of the Universe: "In the beginning, when God created the heavens and the earth and the earth was 
without form or shape...": True as the Bible, science has proven that nearly 15 billion years before, there wasn't a single tiny dust in space, and we see that God created the Universe in order of scientific conditions, every scientific discovery proves that God's creation is a great work of science, Jesus said in his Message of Merciful Love to The Little Souls of July 21, 1966: "True science comes from the Father but the Father gives only to the little ones." So ask the Holy Spirit for guidance, let us learn a little about God's creation.

             All objects in the universe are made up of tiny Atoms, so small that unimaginable there are other smaller things, yet Atoms themselves are composed of components thousands of times smaller such as Electrons, Protons, Neutrons, and smaller particles called Quarks
. Miraculously, the Nucleus attracts electrons at a speed of 300,100 kiloseconds into extremely tiny orbits, this tremendous speed creates  electrons into a shell, multiplying the volume of those particles millions of times to become Atoms. Atoms fuse Atoms  into Element, Elements combine with Elements become compounds. There are just about 100 elements, but they are mixed into nearly a million compounds. From the soil, grass to our bodies are made up of compounds. 

             SEMI-MATTER and
                 Light from the sun as well as light from a luminous material source on the ground is composed of all the particles that make up matter such as Electrons, Protons, Neutrons, Quarks. 
All those particles, if not combined together to form matter, are FREE PARTICLES.
              When we cut grass into a pile, the next day we turn the grass over and feel hot, it is the source of FREE PARTICLE released by the compound conversion of the grass, the pile of grass will cool down when those FREE PARTICLES slow down and become SUPER MATTER: One amount of MATTER has lost and one amount of SUPPER MATTER has gained.
              In our bodies, the compound conversions of food release FREE PARTICLES to warm our bodies, then those FREE PARTICLES slow down to become SUPPER MATTER: One amount of MATTER has been lost and one amount of SUPPER MATTER has gained.             
                  A room with a fireplace is burned, the compounds of wood are decomposed by fire, the FREE PARTICLES radiate into the room billions every second, each FREE PARTICLE is seen in the room for less than a second, and no one asks where they went?
 Not going anywhere, they circulate in the room, snuggling up and being sucked into everything, so the room warms up, after completing the task of heating the room, those FREE PARTICLES  slow down and turn into SUPER MATTER: One amount of MATTER has been lost and one amount of SUPPER MATTER has gained.
               From the sun's heart, there are always powerful atomic reactions like thousands of Hydrogen bombs, which constantly destroy a very large amount of MATTER that turns them into the source of FREE PARTICLE. 
Every second, each square meter on the ground receives billions of FREE PARTICLES from the sun so that the ground has enough LIGHT and HEAT. That HEAT is the solvent with dense and high speed FREE PARTICLES. Scientists think the heat from sunlight go out into space at night. But the FREE PARTICLES thousands times heavy than any Atom (compairing in their volumes), so not any single FREE PARTICLE can escape from the gravity of the Earth but adding more and more to the SUPPER MATTER SOLVENT around the Earth.
                SEME-MATTER is the source of FREE PARTICLE that we can see visually and feel tacticle. SUPPER-MATTER is also the source of FREE PARTICLE but we no longer see or feel it.
            Temperature is the source of FREE PARTICLE in objects, hot objects contain a dense and high speed source of FREE PARTICLE. Heat transfer is the attraction of a higher-speed and denser FREE PARTICLE source from objects to objects with a FREE PARTICLE source at slower and thiner rate. So when our bodies are penetrated by a dense and high-speed source of FREE PARTCLE from the air or other objects then we feel hot. Burned means our flesh is destroyed by a very high-speed and very dense source of FREE PARTICLE from another object. Conversely, when the souce of FREE PARTICLE in our bodies is attracted to the air or other objects that have slower and less dense FREE PARTICLE then we feel cold.

              Every Star, Planet, and Satellite, t
hroughout the Universe since its formation, has been surrounded by dense FREE PARTICLE SOLVENTS, large and small depending on their volume. Likewise, the entire earth from the air to the rock, soil, and all things are submerged in the FREE-PARTICLE solvent like sponges soaked in water. The dense FREE PARTICLE solvent is dense of Protons, Neutrons, Quarks and especcial Electrons create  the Magnetic Field. The Magnetic Field is dense of Electrons so scientists can measure the influence area of earth's magnetic field and drew its shape like a torch in front of a strong wind, and the long tail turns to the Earth's hidden region, indicating that the FREE-PARTICLE region that surrounds the Earth is "blown" by the FREE PARTICLE source from the sun, Help us both recognize the source of SEMI-MATTER is sunlight and recognize the SUPPER MATTER mass as the Earth's Magnetic Field. And it is also seen that the shape of the Earth's Magnetic Field is changed by the "Solar Wind", especially when the sun reaches the "Solar flare" period, the Magnetic Field area is the SUPPER MATTER mass surrounding the earth is blown more intensely by the source of SEMI-MATTER from the sun, further extending the pointed tail of the magnetic field, like a torch in front of a very strong wind.

              ELECTRIC POWER

              The Earth's Magnetic Field compose dense of Electrons, Protons, Neutrons, Quarks, so we recognize in the generator that the magnet block is like the propeller of the water pump, or the propeller of the blower to attract Electrons from the FREE PARTICLE solvent of the Magnetic Field area to create the current, such as we place the water pump or the hose head of the water pump submerged in water, or the propeller of the blower submerged in the air.
             Also because it is not recognized that the electric machine is caused by magnets attract Electrons from SUPER MATTER solvent in the Magnetic Field Zone that it has not been explained the phenomenon of Black-out occurred in the United States before, which machines still normally move, but without electricity. That's because the Electron source in the Mangetic Field's SUPER MATTER SOLVENT isn't enough to supply for giant electric machines like a water pump runs out of water.
               SOLAR POWER.
               Solar Power is a better proof of the closeness between SUPER-MATTER and MATTER: Sunlight is a FREE PARTICLE sourse of all the components that make up MATTER, because Electrons are a thousand times larger than Protons, Neutrons and Quarks, so a compound has been found that can sift "big" Electrons from that tiny group into a tream of electricity, as we see panels on rooftops, when sunlight reaches them, Protons, Neutrons and Quarks are so tiny that they can penetrate thin sieves, while Electrons thousands of times larger are trapped into capacitors. 
                VAN ELLEN BELT.
     Van Ellen Belt is a crarf mass hundreds miles outside the Earth, scientists think there are molecules from sunlight entangle in the Earth's Magnetic Field, but we must clearly state that the Earth's Magnetic Field is a super thick solvent of SUPPER-MATTER that prevents the source of extremly strong SEMI-MATTER from the Sun, not only on that ring block area but hundreds of miles from that belt to the Earth's core. This is because the source of FREE PARTICLE from the Sun is blocked as soon as it reaches the SUPPER-MATTER solvent of FREE PARTICLE, so scientists only recongize the Van Ellen Belt. So Van Ellen Belt itself shows us that dense solvent SUPPER-MATTER of Magnetic Field is very great and dense, covering the Earth from the extremly powerful FREE PARTICLE source from the Sun.
                A NEW DISCOVERY.
          According to the news on TV on December 8, 2021, there was further evidence that the Magnetic Field region is a dense mass of FREE PARTICLE: Looking up at space one beautiful night, we see the whole sky is full of stars. Astronomers once dreamed of having a high-altitude observatory beyond the Earth to observe for satisfaction, But they have just discovered that the telescopes at an altitude outside the Van Ellen Belt when looking at space, feel as dark as ink! Scientists are asking: Is it the atmosphere that helps us see the starry sky? NO! Because telescopes placed on space stations at an altitude of about 120 kilometers can observe the sky more clearly than on the ground. In comparison, the atmosphere covers the ground for just under 100 kilometers. So it is clear that the FREE PARTICLE solvent of the Earth's magnetic field is the dense superimposed solvent that forms a giant TELESCOPE so that the human eye can see galaxies from ten billion years of light speed. It's so exciting! Have scientists realized that the Earth's magnetic field is a dense solvent of FREE PARTICLES as SUPER MATTER?     
                 In short, the FREE PARTICLE is so small that when they are not combined together and at low speed, the human eye is not visible, but also the Electrons released by the most advanced machines today, there is still no reaction of the collision to the FREE 
PARTICLES, So scientists believe so much in modern machines that they mistakenly believe that apart from objects and atmosphere, there is nothing else. In fact, the mass of SUPER MATTER in the magnetic field that surrounds from the outer hundred miles to the center of the earth, if structured to become matter, then the mass of that object is thousands of times larger than the earth. This point shows that the fragility of the physical universe seems nothing greater than that and is eternally sustainable.                   

                 THE SUN.     
            The Milky Way is one of about 100 billion Galaxies in the view of telescopes. The Sun is a star in about 200 billion stars of  the Milky Way, it is the closest star to the Earth, with a distance of 150 million kilometers, and a volume of more than a million times the volume of Earth,
 nearly 1 million 400 thousand kilometers in diameter, the heat from the center of the sun is about a million degrees Celsius, the outer part is from 5 to 10 thousand degrees Celsius. The sun and the solar system formed about 5 to 6 billion years by the hot cloud of dust and gas, and about 5 billion years from now, When the sun runs out of energy, it will die like the life of each of us: born, raised, old and dead.   

                 WHITE DWARF.         
                 As we know, the energy from the Sun is generated by atomic reactions, which every second is equivalent to hundreds of hydrogen bombs, less than one-hundredth of the number of FREE PARTICLES from those reactions launch into space, which the Earth receives less than a billion. 
Scientists have forgotten that more than 99 out of 100 of the remaining FREE PARTICLES have accumulated into the sun's lap, second by second over 5 billion years, the more matter is lost, the more SUPER-MATTER gains. In 5 billion more years, when the sun runs out of fuel to generate energy, the outer part of the sun will expand into a large, temperature drops and changes to the Red Giant, then the stronger pressure inside the sun releases the outer part into clouds of dust and gas, but the core of the sun is only the size of the earth intact, although it no longer shines but still weighs the same as the sun's weight as before, so it is still enough gravity to hold the Earth, its planets and its satellites in the Solar System as it is today (which helps us to affirm that more than 99 percent of the mass of FREE PARTICLE from Atomic reactions are attracted to the sun's heart, though scientists haven't thought about it yet.) Scientists mistakenly believe that the outer part of the sun is pressed on the inside, making the core of the sun so dense that just one teaspoon weighs thousands of tons. In fact, there is no way of pressing the object to be so tight, by which way, and how? But that tiny core of that tremendous weight and attraction of the sun is mixed up by the SUPER MATTER mass that has been accumulating since the sun's formation (The density of the SUPER MATTER is because the FREE PARTICLES are no longer at speed, no longer rotating or vibrating but attached absolutely to each other. So it's no wonder that the sun's core is as small as the earth and is so dense that it has the same weight and gravity as the sun at its birth) after the outer part of the sun is turned into a cloud of dust, the sun's core takes about 100 million years to attract that dust and gas again. Once stable, the core of the sun and stars as large as the sun or smaller (when dead) look like a planet, those are the White Dwarfs.

            Neutron Star. 
             The larger stars, the faster their transformation from matter to SUPER-MATTER, the stars are three to five times larger than the Sun, and when they die, the rest of the core is smaller than the White Dwarf but  thousands times denser than White Dwarf, s
o dense that just one teaspoon weighs hundred thousand of tons. The fact that the smaller Neutron Star has a greater weight and attraction than the White Dwarf further indicates the confusion of scientists about the pressure of external objects into the cores of the stars as they die. But we understand that The Neutron Star is a very dense mass of SUPER-MATTER and matter is very little left, so the Illusion of The Neutron Star is smaller than White Dwarf and more difficult to recognize.

          The Stars are tens to hundreds of times the size of the sun, by the time they die, the outer part also explodes into a cloud of dust and gas, and the rest of the core is smaller than White Dwarf and Neutron Star and becomes a solid mass completely pure of SUPER MATTER.
 This SUPER MATTER BALL no longer radiates the FREE PARTICLES because its attraction is so strong that the FREE PARTICLES at the speed of light can not escape to reach us, so in the conditions of the most advanced telescopes today: they remain invisible. All objects, including the stars, which are close to the Black Holes are attracted to them and disintegrate into FREE PARTICLES when those objects cross The Event Horizon around the Black Holes. Some objects have not yet disintegrated into FREE PARTICLES while crossing The Event Horizon, when reaching the Black Hole will explode extremely violently to release X-rays, and astronomers thereby find traces of BlackHoles. In fact, only a very small number of X-rays escaped the extreme pull of the BlackHole that crossed space billions of years to reach us. BlackHole is so dense that there are BlackHoles just a few dozen kilometers in diameter that have a thousand times the weight and attraction of the sun. There are BlackHoles that are millions of times the weight and gravity of the sun, so there are BlackHoles are swallowing thousands of stars, and the more they swallow, the more mass and more powerful they are, and there are BlackHoles that seem to be swallowing the entire Galaxy at which it is centered. Scientists speculate that our Milky Way Center also has one (or several) strong BlackHole that is swallowing stars in its region and increasing in weight and gravity. (It's just speculation because the Milky Way is disk-shaped that telescopes can't see the center, even if it's the closest Black Hole to Earth.)

                  BIG BANG.   
                The Big Bang occurred nearly 15 billion years ago, Big Bang is an unimaginably terrible explosion, an explosion in space at least 29 billion years of light speed in diameter,
 which has created temperatures of hundreds of millions of degrees. Scientists have said that since the explosion of the Big Bang, the universe has been formed, without hearing them explain what exploded. But if you recognize temperature as a source of FREE PARTICLE as SUPER MATTER in objects. Magnetic Field is a FREE PARTICLE solvent covering the earth from hundreds of miles outside the core. White Dwarf is a solidly mixed mass of SUPER MATTER. Neutron Star is a mass-accumulated source of SUPER MATTER a thousand times denser than White Dwarf, you can also easily see that Black Hole is a solid mass pure  SUPER MATTER is a super object, then Big Bang is the explosion of dense super objects like Black Hole to create a violent explosion with such a terrible temperature. That explosion gave speed to the FREE PARTICLE source of the SUPER MATERIAL WORLD so that they could have the conditions to bond and become matter.             
               Thus, it is clear that God used SUPER MATTER from His Divine World to create the material universe. 
The universe only formed after the Explosion, which was about 15 billion years ago, and the universe existed until it ran out of energy, which is about a few tens of billions of years from now. 
            THE TRUTH, THE LIFE

             All objects in the universe include: Hard objects, soft objects, liquids, gases, semi-substances, and super substances. These substances can all break, metabolize, and change. But there is one precious substance, superior to all the above that science does not know, cannot reach, it is THE TRUTH. On October 3, 1966, Jesus revealed to Margaret in his Message of Good Love to the Little Souls: "The only truth is that a sincere person is in him. I AM THE TRUTH."
                The truth cannot disappear, unchanged, living, and existing forever, intertwining the entire universe. It is the LIFE, it is the Eucharist of Jesus Christ, it is the Flesh of Divine God. And our souls are made by the Flesh of God: Gen 2: 7: "Then the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground (matter), and blew into his nostrils the breath of life (The Truth, The Life); and the man became a living being. (Human has the soul)."
section is only intended to help you, the science lovers to see that our belief in the human soul, in God, the Angels, and Saints in God's divine world is completely scientifically grounded, so you are assured of trying to find all means to usurp the Kingdom of God.



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